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Craving for Chhapra ka Sattu, Darbhanga ka Makhana, Apne khet wale Sarso ka tel or Gaon wali Ghee?

Buy online Organic Pure Desi Ghee, Makhana, Raw forest honey, Sarson ka tel 'Mustard Oil' , Bihari Sattu, Spices 'masala' & more.

We deliver the finest quality 100% Pure farm products all over India. 

The products are grown on the most fertile farms around the river Ganga. So in addition to the natural goodness of our organic products, everything we produce is enriched with nutrition from the most sacred soil and water of India.  

Buy. Share. Show love. Help us in taking the blessing of the nature to every plate in India.

आपका बिहार  ❤️ गौरवशाली बिहार 

Why Choose Us?

We deliver pure and natural products from villages to the world at reasonable rates. No fancy item. Just good food that's fresh, healthy, and natural.

About Us

Hindustani Kisaan

Delivering magic from Bihar!

iMitti has been created with the primary intention of bringing people close to their roots. Work and education might keep you miles away from your origin but with the power of technology, we want you to keep that mitti ki khusboo alive. We can't deliver Maa, Dadi, and Nani ka Pyar but we can surely make an attempt to deliver the ingredients that can recreate unke haathon ka Swaad :) 

All our products are freshly harvested, prepared ready for box, and finally delivered from the village farms right to your doorstep. We use only the highest quality fresh ingredients to create the magic you'll love. 


We travelled all over the world, tried hundreds of exotic dishes, and then found peace back in the roots. Get a taste of Bihar anytime.